Re: How to boot powerPC linux-2.6.10 from diifferent address other than 0x0000

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Re: How to boot powerPC linux-2.6.10 from diifferent address other than 0x0000

Reeve Yang
You need to do two things:
- mem remap your boot sector memory block to virtual address 0xc0008000
- using uboot commond "go xxx" to boot it from
0xc0008000, or define env variable "bootcmd", and run "boot".

On 8/25/06, Reddy Suneel-ASR125 <[hidden email]> wrote:
    We are working on MPC 8540, Linux kernel version is 2.6.10 from Montavista. The bootloader used in Uboot and currently it loads the uImage at physical memory address 0x0 and transfers control to it. We want to load the kernel at a different address say 0x8000 and for this we made the following changes.
1) Altered the Makefile to linked the kernel at virtual address 0xc0008000 ( the default was 0xc000:0000)
2) Modified Uboot to load kernel at 0x8000 instead of 0x0

The kernel space still starts from 0xc000:0000

When we transferred control to the kernel (loaded at 0x8000) we found that the execution proceeds only till the mapping and invalidation on TLBs. We do not know where the control goes after this as the further instructions does not seems to get executed. Currently we do not have the provision to connect a debugger and hence we are unable to make out what is happening.
Can some one give us any clue as to what we might have done wrong? This is our first experience on PowerPC.

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